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Is Escortservice Legal in Germany

All the new women who comes from abroad to Germany and don’t have jobs, they search one question in the end and that is, “Is escortservice legal in Germany?” Well, the answer to your question is a big YES, however there are a few strings attached with this yes as well. If you are reading this then I can assure you that you won’t have to search more about your question-Is escortservice legal in Germany? However, before I tell you about the laws and rules of becoming a high-class escort in Germany, allow me to take you to the best platform for escort jobs Germany. So, if you have already made up your mind to become a top-rated escort model after seeing the big YES, then you must not wait for the right time to apply for escortservice jobs. Miracle-escort is one major and verified escort agency that provides opportunities for new comers to set up their career as top escort models. Here you won’t have to take tension about anything because all the legal matters and marketing campaigns are done by miracle-escort and it is mentioned under the contract too. Don’t close what you are reading because although a top- rated escort agency is taking all you legal matters in their hands but as a member of adult industry and escort Germany you must know about the laws regarding escortservice in Germany. This brings us back to the question is escortservice legal in Germany. Providing escortservice in Germany is legal but, all the newcomer escort models have to get themselves registered with the local bodies of Germany, no petite escort or student escort can give sexual pleasures without condoms and a teen escort cannot work in brothels or with agencies that doesn’t have permit.

Is escortservice legal in Germany? – Yes, but get yourself registered.

There were many protests against this string attached with the yes for the question-is escortservice legal in Germany. As most of the fulltime escort ladies were uncomfortable to get themselves registered with the government. Instead they asked the government to change the law and keep the registrations law only with the tax offices. The main reason for this request was that although it is 21st century and liberalism has hit many communities and societies but giving high-class escortservice is still a crime in the eyes of society and if these female sex escort ladies gets themselves registered with the government so they will be exposed and won’t be able to work discreetly. If you are ok with this law then make your registrations now and if not then wait for the government to change the law on the request of the hobby hookers.

Is escortservice legal in Germany? – Yes, but condom use is must

I personally feel that using protection is very important especially for hooker girls because you don’t want to end up getting pregnant with one of your client’s child. Also this reduces the chances to get STDS. Although the top escort agency with which you affiliate yourself will surely get you tested. So now you can only do oral without condom as oral escort, you can surely not fulfill bareback fuck desire of your client.